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Dip Box had its humble beginnings in 2014 because of a mothers love of cooking and feeding her loved ones. So the thought of doing something cool with that passion came naturally to her very persuasive son and a creative genius daughter who worked on the look and flavours of the brand.

Our Menu

Jalapeno & Herbs Dip
Rs 150

Low on calories high on taste; mix of Pickled Jalapeno, Herbs and Paprika with greek yogurt makes this an eternall favorite. Serve with lavash sticks, veggies, chips or use as a spread

Celery & Herbs Sour Cream
Rs 150

Fresh Celery and Herbs mixed with low fat sour cream is the perfect combination to yumminess. Serve with lavash sticks, veggies, chips or use as a spread

French Onion Dip
Rs 150

The right balance of Greek Yogurt and French onion makes this dip rich & creamy Dip but super low on Calories. Serve with lavash stick

Cranberry Dip
Rs 200

Unique yet perfect combination of Cranberries, jalapeno will surprise with your mind with every bite. Serve with lavash sticks, veggies, chips or use as a spread

Egyptian Beetroot Dip
Rs 150

This healthy, Vibrant dip is a blend of Beetroot yougurt egyptian seasoning and a hint of Feta cheese. Serve with lavash or drizzle over a salad. lavash sticks, veggies, chips use as a spread or over a salad

Medterranean Layer dip with Feta Cheese
Rs 200

A fresh take on the layered dip. This is layered with classic hummus, greek yogurt and topped with feta cheese and black olives. Serve with avash sticks, pita bread to make it the new favortie party dip.

Spicy Paprika Hummus
Rs 150

This middle eastern delicacy laced with spiced paprika will give your tastebuds a spicy kick. lavash sticks, pita bread, veggies, use as a spread

Peri Peri Hummus
Rs 150

The Peri Peri spice add a tangy, spicy, zesty new twist to this traditional Middle Eastern dish. lavash sticks, pita bread, veggies, use as a spread

Special Recipes

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You know that food that says Yummy In my Tummy? The dips from Dip Box does. Got a great range of Curd Based and Hummus based dips for all types of palates.

Kunal Aggarwal

The best tasting dips I have had in a while! Thanks Dipbox for these cracking flavours and putting a twist in everything you make! Love it! ❤️

Bhoomika Bindal

I got introduced to these amazing dips just a week back and thank god for it. Dips are just AMAZING. Tried Green Fetish, Caramel Onion, Cranberry, Peri-Peri humus and garlic humus and still can't decide my favourite. Definitely worth try.

Megha Kukar

“The best dips ever... love the flavours !! They continuously evolve and keep adding new flavours.. They always have something new to offer... I never have to refrigerate them, end up eating it all in one go... My personal favourites are Mexican Layered Dip and Tzatziki.”

Shrinkhala Jain

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